Is the lottery legalized?

Is the lottery legalized? Some lottery players simply just play the lottery without knowing exactly if it is 100% legalized. But did know that lottery is a form of gambling that is still outlawed by some governments worldwide, the reasons may be religious, cultural or logistical, however many Governments worldwide do endorse a form of legalized state Lottery that is controlled and regulated by the Government.
Money that are generated from the sales of Lotto tickets are divided up into different categories, firstly a certain percentage is allocated to the Lottery Winners, Governments in their countries will then allocate funds to charities, sport development academies and schools but to name a few providing that they are a registered organization and comply with all the criteria set out by that governing body.
A list of these companies and organizations are gazette or can be found by going to Online Lotto or getting a copy of your Lotto News.
There are many Governments worldwide that simply do not have the necessary funds for grass roots developments and it has being found through independent and Government studies .However it is imperative that the money  generated from Lotto sales is strictly controlled and audited as greed and corruption that is a worldwide plague inevitably ends up depriving those it was set – up to help and aid.
Some Governments have gone as far to assist other countries that have experienced massive human tragedies and suffering because of events such as Civil Wars, drought, diseases and flooding to name a few by providing funds from Lotto sales for humanitarian aid.
There is no doubt that the positives clearly outweigh the negatives for Governments and this is evident in the Lottery News that to legalize and to allow it’s citizen to Play Lottery as it puts money in people’s pockets, produces millionaires and helps the needy.

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