Who are the oldest and youngest players to win a Super Bowl MVP?

Only one of these guys can claim the age crown.Image: Getty ImagesYou thought you were getting another Patrick Mahomes/Tom Brady age piece, didn’t you? Well, you did. Kind of.Mahomes was just 24 when he won the Super Bowl MVP last year. Not bad. But Tom Brady was also 24 when he received his first Big Game MVP in… are you ready to feel old? February 2002 (Super Bowl XXXVI). That’s pretty young, but these two QB’s are not the babies of the bunch. Two other players won the award at 23. Lynn Swann got it in Super Bowl X and Marcus Allen won it in Super Bowl XVIII. Allen was awarded with the MVP trophy at 23 years, nine months, and 29 days. Swann was a few days older when he won it at 23 years, 10 months and 11 days.Marcus Allen soared over Washington to become one of the two youngest Super Bowl MVPs.Image: APSo who’s the oldest player to win a Super Bowl MVP? Take a wild guess. His name is… Tom Brady. Shocking, I know. At 39, he was awarded with the MVP after overcoming a 28-3 deficit to defeat the Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Two years later, Brady defeated the Rams for his sixth Lombardi Trophy, but the MVP award was given to Julian Edelman for his 10 catch, 141 yard performance. Brady also became the oldest regular season MVP in NFL history when he won the award at 40.G/O Media may get a commissionAt 43, Brady has the opportunity to break his own Super Bowl record on Sunday. .

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